The Newborn World


I am Antonios Liapis and I created The Newborn World as a digital game intended for social, co-located play. The game is designed as a facilitator of collaborative storytelling, driven by semantic prompts (words) and structured around a sequence of prescriptive but polysemous events. I am a Lecturer at the Institute of Digital Games (University of Malta) where I teach game design & development and procedural content generation algorithms. I have been living in Denmark from 2008 to 2014, where I completed a Master in Game Technology and a PhD in Game Artificial Intelligence, and in Malta from 2014 onwards, where I worked for European-funded projects on games for conflict resolution as well as for prompting learners' creativity in classrooms. During my Master studies I have developed different types of digital games (both large and small, serious and entertaining) including The Witching Hour which has received several distinctions. While I am an avid board-gamer and tabletop role-player, my daily routine revolves around digital game technologies and my research interests lie in the intersection of human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence and creativity. My website, where you can find my professional CV, is here.